Securiy Services

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We hold well-experienced security guard services in Bangalore and other surrounding areas.


Housekeeping Services

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We are trusted people in House Keeping Services with Experience professionals


Labour Services

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We provide right people for righ work and they are well experienced and trained people


Security Services

Security Services

We hold well-experienced security guard services in Bangalore and other surrounding areas. We are well recognized the team of professional guards enriched by the vast experience to offer the corporate security services backs services render for Security Services

Scope of work

  1. Main Gate Senior Security Supervisor
  1. To ensure the In/Out time for the respective movement in the premises
  2. Deployment of Security guards/need to deploy as per the post wise
  3. Handing over/taking  over all the keys
  4. All the asset of common area to be looked into
  5. Attendance to be checked, name to be entered in the register
  6. He has to check all the names written in the register is correct will check all the Id cards related to courier/pizza/vendors, id card is not available, then Supervisor will send the patrolling guard to the place along with the concerned
  7. The supervisor will check the CCTV and to check whether it is working correctly and the focus etc./.
  8. He will not give any keys to internet/cable operators those who are coming to the site without id card. In that case he will be sent to the place with a patrolling guard to the concerned place
  9. Any goods going out to be signed by the reporting officer

Duty of Lady Guard

  1. Frisking of women workers/maid servants/housekeeping women workers etc., She has to see the visitors' book/vendor book etc.,
  2. Dealing with operational ladies cases where gents can not involve
  3. Lady guards should not involve in any residence/and in the financial matters of the flat owners

Main gate Sr., Security Guard

  1. Vehicle movement register maintenance
  2. Frisking of men workers
  3. Materials going out to be checked Physically vs. Invoice
  4. Any person who wanted to meet the resident of the flat has to confirm with the owner by intercom/mobile

Exit Gate-1 Guard

  1. To enter the log book of vehicle movements, with Sticker/without stickers. He has to ensure  that the person who is using Exit 1 for the entry to be entered in the main gate log book/registers
  2. After  getting confirmation signal from the main gate, he will allow the person/visitors
  3. He will check that all the vehicles are parked in the proper allotted place only
  4. He has to see whether the number of the vehicle is enter in the log book

Exit GateNo.2 Guard

To enter the log book of vehicle movements, with sticker/without sticker

  1. Always Gate should be closed no worker/labour is not allow from this gate, unless and until there is proper signal is given by the concerned
  2. He will ensure daily that the garbage vehicle movement is entered in the register and see that all the garbage is lifted, if not he will inform to the concerned Dept.,

Exit 3 Back Gate

  1. To enter the log book of vehicle movements,  with sticker/without sticker
  2. He has to entry the vehicle log book crossing gate-3, if there is no sticker in the vehicle then he will check with the residents without fail.
  3. He has to see that the parking of the vehicle is correct
  4. All the workers/labours to be frisked correctly, unless there is no authorization letter he need not allow the concerned inside the premises

Cellar Guard

  1. Checking of the lift
  2. Check the light of the lift
  3. To check the cleanliness are of the Cellar
  4. Surveillance of the drivers/housekeeping ladies/car washers/ workers/vendors
  5. To rescue the inside persons if they are held up in lift in emergency case

Children Park

  1. He should know the basic working of the Gen., set such as ON/OFF for any emergency case he has to contact the electrician without fail.
  2. He should monitor that no one climb/jump inside the premises
  3. He will into that no vendors/drivers are roaming freely around the boundary lines. He will see that no elder people use the playing materials for the children
  4. He will see that the water leakage in the bathroom / toilet (used by security guards) is not wasted, and the leakage to be informed to the concerned

Guard near WTP

  1. He will see that no one should climb upon the wall/jumping inside the premises
  2. His duty is that no vendor/driver is roaming around the boundary area.
  3. To check bathroom/toilet/tap and not waste the water
  4. He has to ensure that the chamber is not opened very often for any kind of work, if required he has to inform the plumbing team
  1. Swimming Pool
  1. To maintain registers for pool use. He will not allow any kids, who is not accompanied by their parents
  2. He will maintain the register of filtration machine such as ON/OFF
  3. If water is not clean in the pool he will inform to concerned dept., immediately, wherein further it will be informed to the Facility Manager too.
  1. Main Gate Security Guard
  1. He is responsible for the movements of the vehicles/registers, which enters to the inside of the premises
  2. He will note/check the vehicles with /without stickers after confirmation from the supervisors. Always he must use barricade for vehicle checking purpose
  1. Club House


Security Services

We have well known name for providing the housekeeping services in Bangalore. By leveraging on the professional team of housekeeping staff, the residential cleaning services, residential housekeeping services and commercial cleaning services are executed by us in a perfect manner.

We also offer the housekeeping services in the mall, housekeeping services in school, housekeeping services in restaurant & housekeeping services in hotels, housekeeping services in hospital, Factories ect, to meet the diverse needs of the clients. Our trained professionals are aimed towards completing their service within the scheduled time frame mentioned in the contract.

We have a sound infrastructural backed up with the modern cleaning equipments and latest essential tools, which facilitate us to perform the housekeeping services in and around Bangalore unbelievably. The chemicals used by us are biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and safe for the human life. We aim towards satisfying our clients with the service provided by us.

Office Cleaning
We offer our clients the benefits and comforts of a clean working environment, through its daily office cleaning services. Our office cleaning services involve general dusting, mopping, janitorial services and supplies, as well as washroom cleaning services.

General daily office cleaning such as dusting & moping are carried out by our trained staff, who knows how to carry on with their work without disturbing their surroundings.

Service Features:

Service Indoor

Service Outdoor
Utilizing mainly the service of the office for mini purchases like stationary, office requirements, etc. Cleaning materials Courier, transporters etc. Booking of consignment & Travel tickets. For the outdoor functions the services provided are included, but all other expenses are chargeable on actual and on a daily basis. All banking related operations remittance of telephone bills, Electricity, Mobile & Water bills, remittance of Sales Tax, collections of any official documents, Post-office and other similar functions. The time managements with regard to the utilization of out-door services of the office boy is purely the responsibility of the organization

Residential cleaning
House cleaning services by Nelson House Keeping offer the highest quality and most trusted name in professional house cleaning and house cleaning services in Bangalore. Our expertly trained, will clean your home with the utmost professionalism and highest quality cleaning methods, surpassing your expectations every time we clean your home! No matter what your needs are, we are equipped and ready to handle all of your cleaning needs, whether it’s windows, carpets, area rugs, dry cleaning, laundry, tile and grout steam cleaning, or any other type of cleaning, you can rest easy knowing that Nelson House Keeping Services can handle them all!

Cleaning Materials
We will supply all the Cleaning materials based on your requirement at actual rates.

House Keeping Services
Our activities like window cleaning, hard floor cleaning, vacuuming, furniture cleaning, carpet cleaning and other tasks. All types of premises are kept clean and hygienic by commercial cleaning agencies, for example, schools, colleges, restaurants, public sector offices, government establishments and clinics. The commercial cleaning service provider to suit the client’s requirements can customize the planning schedules and solutions. Having the necessary health and safety procedures and security policies is extremely important for such an agency.


Payroll Services

Security Services

We offer our client's complete payroll related services. Our team's extensive knowledge in Payroll Service business assists us in meeting business compliance issue related requirements of today's competitive business environment. 

The consistent attention provided by our dedicated and professional staff also allows us to ensure that each of the service aspect handled by us is as per the expectation of our clients.. 

Service Features:





Labour Law
We offer our clients complete Factory Act and labour law services. These services are handled by experienced Law professionals who hold expertise in these field.

New Registration

Our extensive process knowledge as well as services of experienced company secretaries and chartered accountants allows us to meet the demands of new business establishments, maintenance of records and registers and other business related requirements


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